HENZEL STUDIO is a Swedish luxury rug manufacturer established in 1999. Henzel Studio’s ethos is based on the artistic practice of Calle Henzel, founder and creative director. Over the past twenty years, he has translated his artistic practice as painter and collage artist into the medium at hand, positioning Henzel Studio as one of the most progressive luxury rug brands in the world. The organic and artistic process of Calle Henzel has been the driving force in the development of Henzel Studio’s designs. He has over the years in an uncompromised fashion challenged the traditional conventions of subject matter, shape, finishings and special treatments as a result of painstaking research that includes vintage treatments, intricate surface compositions and even natural erosion – methodologies that further blur the distinction between art and design. Calle Henzel has collaborated with some of the most prominent names in contemporary art and artists foundations including The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Tom of Finland Foundation.


Henzel Studio Collaborations include art rugs by artists:
RICHARD PRINCE, HELMUT LANG, ANSELM REYLE, SCOTT CAMPBELL, JACK PIERSON, MICKALENE THOMAS, ASSUME VIVID ASTRO FOCUS, ROBERT KNOKE, LEO GABIN, MARILYN MINTER, LINDER, NAN GOLDIN, RICHARD PHILLIPS, JUERGEN TELLER, NAN GOLDIN, DOUGLAS GORDON, BJARNE MELGAARD, OLAF BREUNING, YWAN JOSEF, JONATHAN HOROWITZ and WILHELM SASNAL. The artists are all groundbreaking and leading forces within their respective fields and media, ranging from sculpture, drawing, collage, photography, installations, reliefs and video art. Their mark has not only been honored and highlighted at leading galleries and institutions worldwide, but also widely documented and manifested as a mirror of cultural movements. The collection has been showcased at leading venues such as Colette in Paris, Barneys and Gagosian in New York, MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Los Angeles / Cleveland and Whitney Museum New York.


All Henzel Studio rugs are custom and made by hand, using centuries’ old weaving techniques that make each rug one of a kind. We have earned a reputation for being bespoke rug specialists. Our signature designs can be made according to individual wishes; color, size, knot count, shape and materials. Each individual order is carefully studied to create a unique rug that combines a client’s specifications and the distinctive aesthetic of Henzel Studio. While remaining at the forefront of design, Henzel Studio’s foundation and raison d’être lies in the artisanal production of local communities in Nepal and India that dates back thousands of years. Through a twelve-step handmade process, Henzel Studio’s rugs are unique works of art.  Since 1999 we also manufacture hand tufted rugs. We believe in only using the finest materials such as New Zealand wool, mulberry silk, merino, mohair and bamboo silk. Henzel Studio is pleased to work in close collaboration with some of the world’s leading architects, interior designers and property developers.

CALLE HENZEL, Kalix Night Frozen Cut, 2015 (in-situ, Twentieth, Los Angeles, window display).

Andy Warhol, self-portrait.
© / ® / ™ The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. All rights reserved.

Henzel Studio Collaborations


To expand on this practice, HENZEL STUDIO COLLABORATIONS, curated by Joakim Andreasson, was conceived as a continuous initiative inviting some of the most prominent contemporary artists of our time to freely and seamlessly translate their work through an alternate media and the extraordinary practices that are involved in the making of Henzel Studio’s rugs.


2015 marked the debut of HENZEL STUDIO HERITAGE, a collection of art rugs designed in close collaboration with foundations and estates of some of the most influential artists of the 20th century, which to date include The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Tom of Finland Foundation.


Henzel Studio is a member of GOODWEAVE, an international nonprofit organization working to end child labor in the carpet industry and offer educational opportunities to children in weaving communities in India and Nepal. Henzel Studio is bridging the  finest artists in the world to one of the most pressing human rights problems of our time.