This design is a part of Henzel Studio's quick ship program.

Availability: 4 - 7 weeks (depending on size)
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Untitled (Bastad Cahuenga), 2019
Frozen Cut
Wool & Silk
Custom size / colors upon request

* Also available in silk, mohair, linen or wool.

A design by Calle Henzel based on scientific experiments exposing rugs to the harsh Swedish environment, resulting in design characteristics attributed to erosion.

The organic and artistic process of Calle Henzel has been the driving force in the  development of Henzel Studio’s designs. He has over the years in an uncompromised fashion challenged the traditional conventions of subject matter, shape, finishings and special treatments as a result of painstaking research that includes vintage treatments, intricate surface compositions and even natural erosion – methodologies that further blur the distinction between art and design.